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Summer Snowboarding On Turf

I started this blog with the idea of following my snowboard journey as a beginner rider into a great rider.  I enjoy telling my friends and family about my snow adventures.  I love to get people into riding, and encourage every one to get on a snowboard at least once in your life.  Snowboarding was on my “bucket list” and it has turned out to be one of the best things I have tried.  So after my snow season of feeling the highest of highs, then my body craves adrenaline.  If I do not have that action, then I get the winter sadness.  If you are like me and suffer the “winter blues” then you should try some summer sports to get that “happy” feeling.  Keep your body and mind clear, exercise.  Keep your legs strong for the next up coming season. 

So as the season changes, so does my sports activities. So my GirlyGirlsWhoRide blog has expanded as well.  Now my blog has a “summer section” and now this blog includes: snowboarding, biking, skiing, skating, surfing and riding.  I love the love that I am getting each day with my blog.  I hope my advice helps beginners or advanced on where to go.  Please like and share on Face Book & #girlygirlswhoride on Instagram & help start this “riding movement .”

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