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Snow Bunnies

In search of that high, the thrills of snowboarding/skiing.  There is no bigger rush than riding down a mountain side with the wind on your face and the sun on your back.  GirlyGirlsWhoRide site offers tutorial videos, reviews of equipment and mountains, snow bunny fashion advice, information and photos.  This site has a winter section for Skiing & Riding.  This site was made, because snowboarding took over my heart and soul.  You will find shred-worthy stories of my latest mountain conquered or a mountain that kicked my a$$.   I am a new comer to snowboarding blog craze, but I will try to create a site that girly girls and the guys who love us can enjoy.  I enjoy telling my snow stories.  

The adrenaline rushes you get from skiing/riding can’t be produced from any other sport.  There is nothing like snow sports….. nothing.  To me, it’s liberating, exciting, and it makes me live life on the edge. If you are thinking of taking up skiing or snowboarding as your winter sport, then this site will help guide you into it.  Most people can learn and master this sport by taking a few lessons at your local mountains.  The more time that you spend on the slopes and on your equipment, the better and more comfortable you will be.  


Always wear your helmets and ride safe.


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