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I started riding with a pair of snow pants and a jacket followed with a pair of goggles and a HELMET… As a girly girl who rides, I am a girl in a male dominated sport… But yet, I love that I am a girly girl. I became very obsessed about the gear side of riding.  As a girly girl who rides, I am so loving SNOW FASHION that comes along with this fabulous sport.  I am as colorful as a rainbow and am finding the fashion side of riding to be very important to me. It is true that the better you look, the better you feel and the better you feel, the better you ride.

I am a FASHIONISTA at heart and am always trying to express my mood by the colors that I put on.  I also am aware of the high cost to look good riding. I shop year round to get the best deals. It is always best to buy winter outfits in the summer time while the sport is out of season. With internet you can price shop and get reviews on jackets, pants, boots, and bindings etc.  Off season shopping at your local mountains is another way to get great deals, and if it is off season- then you could hike your ski/snow mountain to keep in shape and to stay connected to your mountain.I have found most girls might not be as serious about fashion as I am. When people see my snow outfits put together, I get a lot of comments, “ cool colors, cute outfit, wow that’s bright, the best is, I could see you from space” … My response is always, “ YOU CAN’T MISS ME ON THE MOUNTAIN“.  Safety is in your colors-the brighter you are, the more people will try to avoid you. I have an emotional connection to bright colors, they make me feel happy inside. When I ride with a pack of boys, I stand out in the pack.  I love this girly side to me that I can wear pink and flowers & ride down 11,000 feet  elevation.











Snow fashion is fun and keeps the girly girls who ride cute… Three years later, my snow fashion has taken over my closets, house and my life.  I have given stuff away that I can’t fit into, since I have gained about 10 pounds of leg muscles, from so much riding.  I am hunting for the best deals through the internet, my favorite sites are DogFunk, Moosejaw, and BackCountry are my top three.  Now as the season is coming to an end, that is when you will find the best deals.  

The main thing with snowboarding, is to be warm, safe, comfortable and have fun.  As a rider, I like my snow outfit’s to be loose and baggy.  When buying a jacket, make sure you find a jacket that fits you, when wearing all of your base layers, make sure it is water proof. Trying snow pants, make sure they are loose enough to bend and move in.  Always, always find a helmet and try it on, make sure it fits your brain perfect, if you hit your head falling, this helmet will save your life and your brain.  I have taken a few falls over the years, and my helmet is the best thing I could have bought.  I see a lot of riders who refuse to wear a helmet, so there hair  flows in the wind until they fall and knock there heads off.  The younger  girls, tend not to wear them, and I have seen some bad falls.    

GirlyGirlsWhoRide, please always wear a HELMET …


GirlyGirlsWhoRide wear your Helmets


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