Summer Fun


As the wise Will Smith sang, “summer summer time”!! Summer time sadness begins, so to beat the sunny sky blues, take a road trip.  I love to jump in my Land Rover and hit the highway, to find a new drink spot or great date night spot.  After a long snowboarding season filled with freezing temperatures, hours of highway driving, injuries, financial loss, layers of clothes, and helmets and face masks. I can appreciate the season ending and the sun beginning.  I am to happy to  put the Oakley ( goggles away and grab the Gucci ( shades on. I look forward to my summer vacation, and a nice tan, finally.  I have had many face tans on the mountain, but it feels good on my bones to feel warmth of the sun.My first summer road trip started last weekend June 6th, Friday.  My boyfriend played hookie and I get out early on Friday’s, so it started  early girly !!! We left Boston, before the rush hour and headed up North, as usual.  We drove until a city popped out to us and it turned out to be Kennebunkport  Maine. Maine the great state!! Maine also known as the “Pine Tree State”.  Maine, where the moose and dear roam freely.  This is the state where I find my inner peace, up north.  As you leave Boston city life behind, you see the trees getting greener, the clouds look prettier, and  fluffier, air smells fresh and clean, pollution.  I love trying new places and things.  We enter the small town of Kennebunkport  and it was “Happy Hour” only in Maine.  So find this cute surfing spot where the locals can find the best and freshest tacos, called Pedros Mexican Restaurant(  

It is hard to drive by this and not go in, it has surf boards that surround the parking lot and great outside dining.  It is decorated with bright colors and it’s a cool spot.  We started off with the freshest salsa and home made guacamole, and tortilla chips made to order and the best strawberry tangerine margarita with good liquor and muddled strawberries.  Sipping a great drink, with the sun beating on my skin, and then dinner.  For my dinner, I picked a burrito with chicken that was grown in Maine, it was the best in the New England area.  I am a picky person, and found not one thing about this place that was bad.  The service was great, portions big enough to have left overs, price was good.





 Take the drive to Pedros and enjoy the meal and atmosphere, and do not leave there, unless you have the Churro dessert special.  I grew up in California, on churros, but this beat them out of the park, so good I think I teared up.. By this time, the sun set and we miss the weekend traffic jam into the city and we head back to bean town, home of Boston’s best sports teams, Bruins, Red Sox, Patriots, Celtics and now known as “Boston Strong”. 

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