Life After Winter

Life After Winter

This 2012-2013 winter season has been awesome. We have lots of snow and a the Blizzard of 2013 and almost 200″ of snow, powder and back to back weekends of storms afters storms.  I started this snowboard season on November 10th weekend at Sunday River and I have been out every weekend since, and this has been the hardest thing that I have accomplished, with working  45 hours a week at Top Cab & City Cab the largest and busiest cab company in Boston and then packing and unpacking, driving back and from mountain after mountain takes a lot of sacrifice and money and absolute love for this sport. It started as a joke riding every weekend the whole season and now it has almost turned into reality with only about 4 more weeks at the most to go.  I have put many miles on the slopes this year.  I have added more snowboarding gear to my full closets and now invested in the latest Go Pro Hero 3 Camera with remote to get the best videos ever. I am now learning how to get the best footage ever to make my videos even better.

With the season coming to an end, I have grown as a rider this season. I have become physically stronger and have added muscles and a new pant size this season and it’s pure muscles.  I also have mentally have been challenged to be able to do this as much as I have, my riding partner has helped make this happen, with driving and splitting hotel fees and gas and food which has allowed us to this all season.  I am now getting used to the fact that the season will end and then I will try and stay as active as possible so that next riding season goes smooth. I love nature and being in it, so I will put my boots and hats away soon and unpack my sneakers and get the boat ready for the summer season.  Staying active by hiking will keep my legs in shape and keep me adjusted to great mountain air which I crave so much. 

I keep in touch with all of my snowboarding girly girls and friends through out the summer and we try to do group camping trips and boating trips.  My dog will be happy that I can take her I stay in touch with my mountains in the summer by following the activities that are there, and the summer sales event that they have.

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