First Time Skydiving Pepperell Ma



Once again, the need for my blood to pump has brought me to the next adventure in the sky- skydiving.  . Skydiving is a sport involving a skydiver jumping down from an airplane while it is flying and parachuting to the ground.  Skydiving can be done individually (if you are trained like my boyfriend) and done with one other person.  The jump can be made from a helicopter or hot air balloon.  You jump from 13,000 feet.  I am afraid of heights, so I push myself to the limit with skydiving.  It is a fun thing to do in the summer months.  I went to Skydive Pepperell ( and it costs about $240 and the video that they can make for you skydiving is about $125 and if your going to do this- get the video.  You arrive to this place where you do have to sign your life away.   Then watch a safety video and wait for the wind to be just perfect and load up the airplane with about 10 people and your off to the sky.

The airplane is loud and then you reach elevation and the door opens and you line up and get ready to feel free.. As you walk to the door, my heart is racing and all my thoughts of what if…… race in my head.  As you stand at the edge of the door, with your toes in the sky and your back of your foot on the plane and you look down- it has to be the craziest thing ever!!!! There is a countdown, then it you DROP!!!! The drop is the feeling that you are falling and you can’t wait for it to stop and yet I wanted it to never to end.  After about what seems like forever, when it is probably only a few minutes until the parachute opens up and then you pop back up and then I settled in to the sky/zen zone.  I call it the sky/zen zone, because I have never felt this feeling of amazement for this earth and world and I had an appreciation of my life and felt so blessed to be able to do this.  I hope every one will put this on there bucket list and now I can cross it off my list and I can watch this video and see this memory forever.

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