How To Buy Goggles Video


You might get away with wearing sunglasses in warmer weather, but if you ride on the East Coast like I do, goggles are the key to a great day or a pisser (if you can’t see riding- then your done).  Snowboarding goggles will be one of the most important items when riding/skiing.  Try and test a few different brands of goggles to see what you like and do not like.  Goggle will protect from the elements and keep you from getting “snow blindness”.  There are many pairs of goggles, they protect your eyes from the sun, snow and wind and won’t fly off your face with every spill.  

Lens color is the main thing you want to consider, as a rule darker lenses are better for brighter conditions, while light-tinted goggles will help to maximize  your vision in poor light.   Clear lenses are really only for riding under floodlights.  It is always good to keep a few different types in your gear bag, depending on that days weather. Some of the newer goggles will come with a few easy changeable lenses .

Here is video to help you figure out the world of goggles

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