Girls With Guns- bang bang

So being a winter adrenaline junky, I have to keep that thrill alive during the summer months and I have found it.  GUNS, and I am one of those people who don’t really like the idea of guns until I shot my first round from my new Ruger 10/22 gun.  This semi-automatic gun is light weight and easy to use.  I took three months of stress of my shoulders in just an hour time at the Granite State Range in NH, an hour out of Boston.  I have bought the best ear equipment and that is the best investment in this sport.  And yes, this is a sport of truly dedicated men and women who love to “shoot”.  This gun has a removable 10-round rotary magazine which allows the magazine to fit flush with the bottom of the stock.  Higher capacity magazines are also available ( I have upgraded to a 35 bullet magazine) and it has helped with my “summer blues”.Once I have mastered this gun, I was searching for more “power and more of a kick” .  I was then introduced to the AR-15, which I just love, love.  The Ar-15 comes in many sizes and options. This gun is light weight, intermediate cartridge magazine-fed, air- cooled rifle with a rotating lock bolt, actuated by direct gas operation.  This gun has a kick!! The gun knowledge that I have , the less I became scared and now it has begun to be a regular activity. In my house, it is now known as “Sunday Gun day” and it will remain that way until my snowboarding season starts again.

Check out this video 

Be gun safe!!

If your like me, an new shooter, you might want to attend a Ladies Day at the range with a friend or significant other.  I recommend taking a gun safety class before you begin.  

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