Tiffany Vs Uber

My name is Tiffany “Topcab” Mitchell and I am in the fight of my life and the lives of every taxi driver in the state of Massachusetts. Please join me and PLEASE SHARE!!!!

As a second generation “cab kid,” I learned the taxi business through hard work and harder lessons. Before my dad was going to trust me with anything, I had to(starting age 14) sweep up the floors and take out the trash and clean all of the bathrooms. answering phones, decal cars, and learn the cab world.

I did all of that for my dad, who started driving taxi’s when he was 16 for Town Taxi and eventually became the President and finally the owner. Still as a woman in a man’s world, I had to fight every day for respect. As a single mother, I have had to fight through difficult situations, but I always knew it was worth it because there is nothing more important than family. I grew up being bullied in high school so bad that I had to drop out of high school and go to night class to get my diploma.

There was no one in high school who could have saved me(although RIP Mr.Dinnie tried & tried). So I saved myself.

Many times over the years, I felt like I was in the toughest fight of my life. I overcame all those obstacles and actually thought that perhaps things would get a little easier in the future. Then along came Uber- the BIGGEST BULLY of them all, a 52 billion $$ bully. So now, I have a new enemy to battle against. I have countless days over the next few years to fight the injustice of Uber. Every day I do as much as I can to fight Uber. I have met with Boston City Councilors, Mayor Marty Walsh and the staff of Governor Charlie Baker’s administration. I text,write, tweet, facebook, and spread the word and sometimes I yell and scream. What is happening to the taxi industry isn’t right or legal. Uber is operating illegally and I am not going down without a fight. I can’t do this alone- I NEED EVERYONE TO HELP!!! No matter how big or small yo are, you need to help me and get in this fight to help me.

With the help of my father John¬†Ford, we started Top Cab in 2004 and bought City Cab in 2007 and we started with one call, one dispatcher and one cab. We gained success with lots of hard work, knocking on cabbies windows, flyer runs we became Boston’s largest cab companies. I have helped build a great cab companies that follow all rules and regulations of the Boston Hackney Police Division for 15+ years. We have over 400+ taxi cans that are independently owned and operated and I consider them as family members.

Uber, you might have 52+billion dollars, but I have the heart C’mon, I wake up to eat competition for breakfast, as long as it is legal and fare competition. I have been battling taxi companies for 15+ years. “Boston strong” became a popular slogan following the bombings, It’s a slogan that identifies many aspects of our city. These illegal vehicles are saturating our cities, 20,000 cars idling 24 hours a day in Boston alone.

Join me and the and help us fight Uber- we want them to allow Boston Hackney Police Division to back ground check them, they must pay commercial fees and insurance, help transport elderly and comply with picking up Wheel Chair Accessible people(WAV) and have GPS, transponders, and credit card machines and allow Boston Police to monitor them..

KEEP CALM AND REGULATE UBER, please share this and help….

Join the coalition if you believe that public safety should be #1 

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