Magic Mike XXL

Channing Tatum XXL
Channing Tatum XXL

Whether you’re a man or a woman, making money by allowing people to push ca$h inside your g-string is, demeaning. But in the case of male stripper$, I suspect the female fans won’t mind this. The Magic Mike fans want to see a new movie with Channing. Woman are looking for more fun and more laughs than on their “girls night out”. “Magic Mike” as a mixture of a comedy, romance, well-staged strip routines involving hunky, good-looking guys and starring the #1 stunner Channing Tatum. Men exploit woman on a daily basis, so thankful for karma- to have Magic Mike for the LADIES..To all of the men that think they are the $41+ , remember that there are plenty of Magic Mike’s out there. Channing in Magic Mike gaves hope in MEN, he is the ultimate package (although my favorite hunk of all, is Pat Mcb, Channing is for the ladies)

Magic Mike XXL comes out July 1, 2015.

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