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Girls there is a code of the streets for girly girls.  There is an established code, a woman’s law that every girly girl should follow.  There is a code of girly guidelines that most girls follow or they are not true girl friends.  Girls try being nice to the next girl that you meet, she might become your new best friend.

**note these rules are meant to be fun and should be taken that way**

Rule #1 and this is the most important rule of them all. Rule #1 is no girl may date her friend’s ex or past guy crushes. If you date him, date at your own risk, your friends will not like you and talk about you behind your back

Rule#2 is perfectly acceptable to not like a girl or judge them without knowing her

Rule#3 Chocolate is food for every occasion

Rule#4 A girl has the right to lie, in order to keep a secret from her best friend

Rule#5 It is your womanly right to  give dirty looks

Rule#6 Women ARE ALWAYS RIGHT until PROVEN wrong!!

Rule#7 If you borrow clothes from your bestie- RETURN them

Rule#8 Never show a thong?G-string ever… Keep your panties, under your clothes

Rule#9 All single girls are allowed to hate Valentine’s Day and bitch about it to their girls

Rule#10 If a girl is throwing up, it is your friend duty, to hold her hair back….. even if she is not an acquaintance

 Rule#11 Do not post ugly photos of your friends

 Rule#12 ALWAYS exfoliate before tanning.  Also if your friend tans and is turning orange- tell her to stop, make her aware she looks like an orange

Rule#13 No woman shall ever go to the ladies room alone, if your with her

Rule#14 Try to be the best woman, friend, girl, sister, mom, daughter and co-worker to everyone

Rule#15  BE NICE, smile 🙂


I have found many snowboarding friends through riding. My rider friends help support me and I support them back. #GIRLTALK


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