How To Ride In Steep Powder Video

I love when my favorite mountain gets dumped on with pure powder, and riding in it comes with challenges.  Anyone who has experienced the exhilaration of riding in deep powder will tell you that it is the ultimate in snowboarding/skiing.  Riders hooked on the sport like me, will invest all the time, energy and money they can afford as they travel the globe searching for fresh powder.  To enjoy riding in powder, you will need to make adjustments. This is because you will actually ride in the snow, not just on it.  Finding deep and runs that have no tracks on them, is your greatest challenge, because they do not last long.  To increase your chances, get out early girly and head to chairlifts , so you can get first runs.  While people are partying after hours, get a good meal the night before and lots of water and hit the sheets early.  Early bird gets the worm or first runs.  Powder is the ultimate dream riding, you will appreciate it, if your like me and ride on the East Coast.  Riding in the East, you get used to icy conditions and so powder days, become the best memory of that season.  




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