Girls In Mud & Trucks Gone Wild 11/1/14

These girls don’t mind getting down and dirty and even muddier.  These girly girl riders are tough in the mud.  As little girls, you are taught not to get dirty and act like a lady, but when I was a little girl I liked both worlds.  I can remember playing outside with the boys and riding bikes, fishing, skate boarding and cars, exploring nature and just getting into adventures.  Then I would go inside and play with the girls and live like a true girly girl.  I played with dolls and loved fashion, but all of my dolls had a car, bike or motorcycle, a camper or I would borrow my brothers wheeled toys and would merge both worlds.I am definitely a girly girl but I have the strength and power of a guy’s guy.  

This video shows girls getting in the mud and riding out.  

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