Meghan Rutledge Motocross Super Girl 11/1/14

Meghan Rutledge at only 17 years old she is the future of riding motocross. She drives for Kawasaki, and has been invited to X-Games. She was junior state and has national accolades to her name, the teen from New South Wales is now known as “Mad Meg” in the racing scene.  She won in 2004 NSW State Motocross  against a grid of boys.  She joined the dirt bike world as a four year old, and she became the first girl in Australia to win a state sanctioned motocross title for both sexes.  She prefers to race with the boys rather than girls, it gives her more opportunity to push herself.  She says, “there’s more pit talk with the girls than with the boys”.  She gets a lot of surprised looks when she takes her off helmet.


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