How To Skate On A Snowboard Video 11/1/14

To skate on a snowboard is the first thing, you need to learn how to do on a board.  Skating on a snowboard is how you get around on your board, this is how you get on a lift or off a lift.  Mastery of skating is a useful skill in riding.  You will have to skate when you are transferring from lift to lift, crossing flats from the base lodge to the lifts. Practicing this technique will help you get used to the feel of the board gliding under you. 

Some tip to help you to skate on a snowboard:

  • attach front foot to board bindings, and leave your back foot free
  • making a skating motion by placing your front foot in front of you while using your back foot to move you
  • try skating around but make sure that your back foot should never be ahead of your front foot
  • as you improve, you will learn how to take bigger steps and to glide and have fun with it
  • make sure your front leg is bent slightly, with most of your weight on your front foot
This is a perfect video of skating…

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