How To Turn Snowboard Tutorial 11/1/14

This turn snowboarding tutorial video is for beginners who are learning the basics of turning.  This video made by and they make awesome teaching videos.  When I began snowboarding, I just jumped on a rental snowboard at Brecken Ridge Mountain and just started to board.  Not knowing how to get on or off a lift, was very scary and not safe.  Not knowing how to fall safely, by knowing how to keep your body positioned when falling.  Trying to figure out all of this stuff, on the fly was very hard.  I wish that I would have researched all of these snowboarding tutorial videos to make it a little less scary and more safe.  The more you know, the better. 

On the mountain, they say that you should “know the code” of the mountain.  These basic rules of the mountain, will keep you safe and the others around you safe too.  So learning the basics of snowboarding, before you hit the slopes will help you to have a better time.  Be prepared.  Snowboarding is an extreme winter sport, and should be treated as such.  

Watch this video and follow for tips

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