The Power of Women In Extreme Sports



More and more women are proving they are just as strong as men.  Women are dominating in extreme sports. The ones who dare to beat the odds in extreme sports are my role models. 

Extreme sports are finally becoming more mainstream, with the growing popularity of the X Games.  These events are fun to watch and can definitely give you an adrenaline rush.  These women athletes who are participating in extreme sports take some of the biggest risks out there.  

These girls/women fly through the air during winter sports such as skiing and snowboarding and taking on huge waves during the summer games. Then you have the dirt bike riders and skateboarders and Base jumpers and skydivers.These strong girly girls are not just getting recognition for being pretty but for also being powerful and talented. 


Extreme sports is very hard on your body, and puts a lot of wear and tear on your bones.  It takes a love and almost an obsession to do these sports.  I have truly committed to snowboarding for about four years now and it has taken over my soul and life.  Everything I do is for the love of snowboarding.  I enjoy watching more and more females get into extreme sports. 


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