Evolution Of Women Snowboarders

Girly Girls Ride

As a girly girl who rides a snowboard with majority of men riders, I have learned this is a tough sport and it is hard.  Since I started riding almost four years ago, I have admired the few girly riders that I know.  I started riding with a group of guys that had only girly girl rider in the pack and her name is Amy.  Amy showed me how to ride as a girl and to respect her knowledge of riding.  She taught me a lot, she taught me that I needed to learn this sport and to have fun doing it.  I met a girl named Julia at Loon Mountain that same year and we both learned and are mastering snowboarding together.  I support her and she supports me.  Now we have my friend Ana who has joined us in our “GirlyGirlsWhoRide” group.  That is one of the reasons that I started blogging about riding.  I have met many girly girl riders out there,, that share my love of snowboarding.  While many girl are hitting the local malls and shopping outlets, my girly girl riders head out early in the morning to catch that first runs of the day.  Other girls looking for discounted clothes and I am shredding on cold, snow and sometimes freezing conditions to catch the perfect run and to feel the powder and to feel nature at it’s best.

This video is great to see women who are doing big things in the snowboard world <3

Always girly girls wear your helmet’s and protect your pretty faces.  Please like and share on Facebook

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