Lib Tech’s Downtown Throwdown Boston Ma 10/19/14

Boston’s Downtown Throwdown 2014

Snow in October in Boston? Only if it is brought to you by Lib Tech and set up in the heart of Boston at City Hall Plaza.  It was a typical New England fall day with a few rain showers, but the warm weather made the turn out for the 9th Annual Downtown Throwdown (DTTD) pretty awesome.  A few hundred snowboarders and random people watchers turned out to see snowboarders and professional riders from all around the country competing for $20,000 cash in prizes.  This contest has been held in Seattle and San Fransico and the creators of the DTTD chose Boston because of it’s character and close East Coast proximity to Loon Mountain and Sugarloaf.  Eastern Boarder and Lib Tech raffled away snowboards and other good stuff.  Sponsored by Adidas Snowboarding, Eastern Boarder, Lib Tech, Loon Mountain, and Dig Boston.

The competition ran in jam style format with everyone  dropping at once and fighting for the winners spot. Five winners and three time champion Ryan Paul from Minnesota won taking the top podium spot and $8,000 for doing the hardest tricks.  

I was so excited to see snowboarding behind City Hall, it definitely got me pumped for winter 2014/2015. I ran into riders from Loon Mountain and bought some cool gear for this season.

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