Choosing The Best Wax for Skis & Snowboards

Are you a person that drops off their snowboard or skis to get a fresh wax from your local mountain store??  Most mountain shops offer waxing at about $20 and they wax it up, over night and next day it is like a new board/skis.  When picking out a wax, you need to consider snow temperature, air temperature, humidity, snow crystal size and whether it is old snow or even the geography of where you will be riding at.  Wax is very important for two reasons.  It improves glide and protects your equipment base from oxidizing .  Waxing your skis and snowboard will prolong the quality of your stuff.  Proper wax improves the overall responsiveness and control on your equipment.  Compare driving a car with extremely under-inflated tires and a board or skis without wax does not handle the same way it was designed to do.

Powder is when you will need wax the most.  Fresh snow’s structure is angular. The sharper the snow crystals, the more you need the wax.  As the wise Mr. Miyagi said, “wax on, wax off.”  I love when my equipment gets a fresh wax, it feels like it is new again.  Wax has changed over the years, because manufacturers are constantly experimenting with new additives to get the perfect wax.  In addition to speed and control and upkeep, the latest developments in wax manufacturing  centers is on environmental responsibility.  

There are several forces that work against you:

  • Dirt friction- overcome by moly additives to wax
  • Wet friction- overcome by wax & brushing
  • Static friction- overcome by moly additives to wax
  • Kinetic friction- overcome by wax & brushing

Waxing your skis or snowboard is like riding powder, almost impossible to do it too much.  Waxing your equipment on a regular basis makes you go faster, making turns handle smoother, protects from abrasion. There are many different types of wax.  What wax should I use?  Wax is either “all-temperature” or “temperature specific”.  I like Lib Tech Banana Snowboard Wax All Temperature (, and it’s about $12.99.  One of the biggest snowboard wax sellers is from  Hertel and they call it “Super Hot Sauce” and it is an all temperature wax ( and it’s about $20-30 and it is also amazing.

All- Temperature Wax-  All-temp or universal wax is designed to work well in any temperature or snow conditions.  It may be a good choice if the temperatures varies a lot where you ride or ski in different geographical areas during your season. You can never predict what the weather will be like.  I travel and ride between Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts, and this season Colorado.

Temperature Specific Waxes- Temperature specific waxes are designed to work best within a certain range of temperatures, providing increased performance that requires a little more effort. These waxes will work better than no wax, using this wax requires that you follow the weather and anticipate the temperatures that you will be riding in.

Here is a video to show you how to wax your snowboard properly by the guys from SnowboardProCamp <3


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