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2014 Burton Mint Boots Review

I have a pair of the Burton Mint boots and I absolutely love them!!

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Burton Supreme Boot Review

I started riding with rental Burton boots from the shop and they were good.  But with rental snowboard boots, I found that they always have the shapes of the other riders feet, who have used them in the past.  I bought my first pair of Forum riding boots, that looked cool and laced up easy and were light, but water would creep in to these boots after 5 hours of riding. Forum boots sucked.  So I then started to research boots and found that the Burton Supreme Boots were superior to all boots.  So I ordered my first pair on line in April and I wore them in the house during Red Sox Season.  By the time the winter season approached they melted to my toes, and by the way they have heat up adapters for an extra $40 bucks, so worth it. The heat will keep you riding in to the night. And at certain mountains, like Wachusett Mountain- you could ride from 8:00 am to 10:00 pm, or Crotched Mountain on weekends, you could ride until midnight, now that’s long day in boots. Heat-up’s are so worth the extra cash. So as you know I am a fashion rider, so I decided to get a new cute boot by Thirty Two- Purple ahhhh so cute, but you have to wear them  in before riding.  So I put these on and went down a normal trail, and almost died from the boot stiffness, had to remove board and hike due to death on the mind. So I took boots off and gave them to my friend who just started riding and she loved them.  I went back to Supreme, once you go Supreme you can’t go to the other extreme… The next boots that I bought were the pink Burton Mint boots and these are awesome, light weight, fit great and keep my toes warm and try.  These boots are a little cheaper than the Supreme Burton’s and feel good after many hours of riding.  STICK to BURTON- that’s why all rentals are Burton’s !!

Safe riding and always wear your helmets and protect your pretty faces.

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