Snowboarding In Boston In October 2014

Snowboarding in Boston on a Saturday on October 18, 2014.  Yes, yes that is what happened today near Boston City Hall.  It was called Downtown Throw Down or #dttd .  As a psycho snowboarder, who can’t wait to ride and use by new board.  Today was a great fall day in Boston, temperature 68 degrees and sunny with a crisp fall wind blowing.  Slept in and took the blue line train into Boston.  Downtown Throw Down had a huge snowboard riding rails down a ramp in the center of City Hall Plaza, Boston Massachusetts.  It was great to get my snow energy from these riders, one of whom dislocated his shoulder and one who hurt something, with an ambulance on stand by.  The crowd of skaters, boarders, riders and people who just liked the energy of these summer snowboarders, all boys by the way.  Where were the girly riders???

 Here is a video of today’s “Downtown Throw Down” snowboarding event sponsored by Adidas, Snowboy, Lib Tech, Loon, and a few others:

This is why I love snowboarding.  Can’t wait for the snow to hit and I can jump in my truck and go ride out.  I have the snowboard summer sickness, and the only medicine is to ride and shred down a mountain of 10,000 feet plus.  So tune up and wax your boards and get your snowboard traveling bags ready with all of your essentials and start the snow count down.  Living near Boston grants me the best sports teams around, have the best job ever as boss lady of Top Cab & City Cab (,  the largest two taxi cab companies in Beantown, also to be able to live by the ocean and drive to the many mountains that surround me.  I am able to ride at Loon Mtn.(, Wachusett Mtn. (, Sugarloaf Mtn. (, Jay Peak (, Crotched Mtn.(, Wild Cat ( and many more. 

Special thanks for the promoters of this snowboard rail adventure at Boston City Hall.  And big, big thanks to the wild snow boys who killed it for Beantown.

Snowboarding is everywhere, even in Boston on this fall day.  Please follow and like my GirlyGirlsWhoRide Facebook page & Instagram. Always wear your helmets and protect your pretty faces. And #girlygirlswhoride in your videos or photos and I will post.. Spread the word, FREE stickers if you ask..



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