How To Get Off Ski Lift Video

If you are trying to snowboard or ski for the first time, there are many questions you will have about the sport.  I think the first question usually is, “how do I get off the lift???” and this video will help answer that question.  You just have to shake your fears off and try to have fun and be safe.  Once you get off the lift for the first time , it is a piece of cake after that.  I think it is scary for the first time, not knowing exactly what will happen.  Yeah, you know the lift brings you up and you get off, but how ??

After watching this video, learn from it and just have fun with it.  Worst case that happens, is you fall on powder and the lift operator will stop the machine and you move.  Very important if you fall, keep your head low to the ground and scoot your butt away from the lift.. Once your off, ride out.  Always wear a helmet and ride safe, know the code on the slopes..

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