Iphone 6 vs. Samsung, Moto X& Others Bend Test Video

So I was the most loyal iphone customer, since 2008.  Running the biggest two taxi cab companies Top Cab & City Cab (www.topcabcitycab.com) and also a “Girlygirlswhoride” I have dropped or broken or cracked over 9 iphones.  After the 9th iphone screen cracked so bad that I had to make a life choice, the Apple iphone or Samsung activated by Droid or the Moto X  I have never used anything Droid before and now I know why. The Apple iphone is made perfectly  for me and the billions of other Apple followers.  So I am stuck with this Samsung until the iphone 6+ gets a few more updates and et the second batch of these phones.  

As news traveled that the iphone 6+ was now available and many reviews of the phones were bad and that they bent really easily.  Youtube had many videos of the bent phones, so there is a video that test all of the phones. See how your phone stacks up.. Based on the bend test, I might have to try the Moto X phone- that baby is solid.  Iphone 6 is stronger than iphone 6+, but the ipone 5s can take the bend test.  This video will answer all of your cell phone questions, without having to buy all of these phones.


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