Common Mistakes Snowboarders Make

If you are a beginner or intermediate, it is always important to try and step your riding game up.  Almost four years ago, I was a scared of heights rookie rider who began to ride after only about 10 times of skiing.  I started to ride  with a “psycho riding group”  who had been snowboarding together for about three years and I had to learn fast and keep up.  They had a girl named Amy that rode along with these beasts of adrenaline, fearlessness and the need for speed and danger.  I rode with them and just tried to survive, and live to see the bottoms of all the countless mountains that I have mastered.  My first season vacation was to Jackson Hole Wyoming, oh by the way Jackson is where I thought I was going to die.  As a rode  down a black diamond trail, that I mistakenly ended up on, I ended up falling.  As I fell so hard that I flipped on my belly I began sliding down almost 11,000 feet elevation and gripping the mountain for my life, just as I was out of strength and energy, but not hope and prayers- three snow patrol stop my fall with there bodies and they save my life <3 <3  

This was the first time that I used headphones and the last time, my group tried to tell me to stop but I couldn’t hear. Pay attention to your surroundings and listen to everything.  I have also learned to listen to all advice and secrets to ride better, from people who are great. I hope this video by Snowboard Addiction helps.. Subscribe to follow all of the latest advice and videos from Snowboard Addiction ..


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