How To Butter Nose Roll Video

Just loving Snowboard Pro Camp for the best tutorial videos.  I have been watching as many tutorial videos while it is summer and fall.  Now is the time to get your boards and skis tuned up. Get the last minute summer clearance deals and run around your house in your new boots, so they that mold to your feet before your first day of riding.  Some new boots should be molded to your feet by your local ski store, or you could do it your self with a handy blow dryer (make sure you do not put directly in boot, also make sure to let dryer cool down or you short out the house) and patience.  My neighbors think I am “snow crazy” at my barbecues in the back pool side, wearing shorts and knee high socks and my snow boots. They will fit better than a glove by first run 2014/2015 season <3 . 

While surfing for the best videos to share on this blog, Snowboard  Pro Camp has me on my snowboard in the living room practicing this trick of the butter nose roll.  Watch this video and share it to your facebook friends who ride out !!

#girlygirlswhoride & #snowboardprocamp in your shares <3

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