Riding Sweet A-Basin Colorado 2014

This video is my most favorite snowboarding video of my adventures in powder.  I made this video with my GoPro Hero3 camera and my iphone, Pat edited and created this, into a awesome video of A-Basin Colorado.  Starring my bestie Julia and Pat and myself in the best mountain in the world. We named Julia the “MVP”of the trip, because she trooped through everything with a smile. I think I felt the most at ease at this mountain. This trip I tried and mastered a “box” on this trip.  I feel as if I conquered a lot of my scared of heights fears. I am so thankful for the sunny skies and warm enough temperatures that I rocked hoodies and a goggles and felt such inner peace.  I have been riding over hundreds of time for almost 4 years now.  Only a handful of times that I actually feel out of body on the powder, and A-Basin was it.  Sitting on the lift as you go straight to heaven, makes you smile and made me cry.  I cried in pure happiness and felt so blessed to be here.  Make sure this is your next winter vacation spot.  

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