Loon Mountain NH 1/19/13

Girly Girls Who Ride and Snowboard
Girly Girls Who Ride

I had a LOONATIC of a time this weekend at Loon Mountain Resort.  It was the AFC Championships weekend with New England’s home team the Patriots and the Ravens. So obviously, I am going to ride and catch the game on the mountain. So I put my Tom Brady jersey on and put black war paint under my eyes in the theme of football.  I saw the faces of my group when I walked out looking like Barbie Brady in Pink(I know true Pat’s fans don’t believe in Pink, but I am pink nation).  We hit up Flapjacks across from the mountain known for the King of Breakfast and great Bloody Mary’s to get you warmed up for a hard day of riding ahead.  As we split our group up to eat girls one table, and the boys on the other, I truly appreciate these two girly girls I am with.  They are like me, a little tough and rough but inside sweet and strong, but yet very girly girly.  I think this is great time to be me as I hear the latest gossip and get to giggle like little girls.  After my breakfast of champions- huge egg omelette with cheese, tomatoes, onions and home fries with extra cheese, crispy bacon and I am full to the rim with brim.  Now were off to Loon to ride and meet up with my LOONY friends at the mountain and let the games begin..

I brought my good friend Ana, who never skied and just jumped on a board only three times prior to coming with me to Loon, to help her with her riding and met up with Julia who has been riding a couple of years now and we shredded are butts off. I met Julia, last year at the fire pit at Loon (or as we call it, our first date hahaha) and we have been riding together ever since.  I ride with guys all of the time so it is great to get around some girly girls who ride to make it fun… Girls they like to have fun. So the group splits up and I go off with Ana to teach her some riding lessons that I was taught, “bend your knees, back straight, push straight down hill or you will edge the heck out, if you fall keep your wrists up and protected etc etc” and I never learned how to fall so the first month I rode I went from Wachuetts Massachusetts to Jay Peak Vermont where I sprained my wrist and the next weekend re-injured and tore the cartilage and this April, two years later still needs surgery and refusing because I ride in the winter.  Pain is love and love is pain.

So Ana, picks up snowboarding fast and we go from Little Sister Trail onto Big Brother Trail and she masters that, no problem.  After a few runs and a couple of butt falls with no injuries, we head up to the big dog- the Summit of Loon 3,050 ft and Ana is game so now we group it up to the top and once again it’s girls and boys group so we snatch up a girly girl skier and we hit the summit, lots of giggles and new friendships.  We reach the top and take group photo and ride out.  It was awesome to see Julia who is now 100% better than last year and Ana flying behind us and me killing it!!  Great times and now we hit up the Station at Woodstock Inn and watch the game and eat a fabulous dinner and talk about our adventures and hit the road and say our good bye’s and now ride home and we do it again next weekend.

ALWAYS WEAR A HELMET and protect your Girly Girls Who Ride face….

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