Sisters By Snowboards

We are not sisters by blood, we are not sisters by marriage, but we are sisters by our GNU snowboards.  These girls are my team of family.  It’s funny how we all come from different types of lives, born from a different country, from completely different worlds, but we all connect to each other through snowboarding. I met Julia through Loon and we have been riding ever since, three years this March.  I have watched Julia go from this Burton board with boots not helping her down the mountain to now, rocking ThirtyTwo boots and switched to GNU board.  GNU boards are hand made in the United States and with all of the technology in these boards, it has made her a monster, carving and shredding faster than ever.  She had a little guidance when she started riding until we rode together, many years and miles on the mountain has made her shine like a diamond in the sky.  So proud to be part of a group that doesn’t complain about the cold or wind or hours it takes us to get to these mountains, we just ride and support each of us when we need it the most.  And little Ana from a tropical island where they beach, they do not snowboard, has a become a tough rider who can take a fall and laugh at it, bouncing right back up.  She too, rocks the ThirtyTwo boots and the Burton Mints jumped on her first new GNU snowboard last year and rides a long side of me and the girlygirlswhoride team.   I have grown as a rider as a result of these girls who I think of  as sisters.  These girly girls also known as Julia and Ana aka “JULIANA” are  the best friends you could have at 5,000 feet elevation.

So I am now on my seventh weekend straight riding, that’s hard work.  I am truly devoted to this sport and found this challenge to be very difficult on my body.  This weekend I had my alpine relay and I rode 29 miles and my phone died for the last  three hours, so we probably put on about 40 miles in one day on a snowboard.  Not too mention, Saturday where we had a another 15 miles, my toes ached as I walked through my house later that night. Conditions have been a little sketchy and I have taken a few hard falls, bruising knees, crashed and had a goose egg on my forehead, wrist in night guard every night and not to mention muscle aches from hell. The main key to my survival is my helmet from RED, it is light weight and keeps my face and brain safe.  I urge all of you girlygirlswhoride to wear a helmet and make your friends to it with you.  As a I read on a guys snowboard at Loon, “pain is your body releasing your weakness” , so true… As my brother Tim’s tattoo says, “pain is love and love is pain”, it’s starting to make sense.The pain of snowboarding, shows my body that I am alive and strong.  But no matter the pain, I plan for the next weekend to do it all again.

As the holidays approach us, I am truly thankful and blessed to be able to live such a life as I live.  I am lucky to be able to snowboard with a great group and my boyfriend who drives me to the mountains in the sky.  I am appreciative to the people that I surround myself with, and glad that I can learn from the best and be loved as much as I am.  Thanks to you all, who support my dreams everyday, sharing all of my blog’s on your pages and for the support.  I am also happy that my friends who do not ride snowboards, still remain my friends after I can’t see them until Spring when my season ends- Angie, Marcy, Mary, Mandy, love you ladies.

Girly Girls Ride



Always wear your helmets and protect your girly girl faces.



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