Girly Girls Riding Dirty 4×4’s

I have been working in a male dominated field, the Taxi Industry and Auto Mechanics for over 20 years.  But the love of cars and trucks and wheels began in elementary school.  I played with barbies and dolls, but all of my toys had cool cars, motor cycles, campers etc. etc.  Cars have been very important to me, not understanding why.  But now I know why? My father has been associated with cars, his whole life.

 I love being in my Top Cab & City Cab garage, called Top Auto Repair ( Revere, Mass.  With over 8 lifts and open to the public, on a major highway  located near Logan Airport, there are so many different vehicles that roll on in.  So I am surrounded by dirt, cars, engines, carbon dioxide and fumes.  I swear fumes and a lack of sun has helped me aging slower, than some of those tan fake and bacon girls and guys out there. Sorry if I offend any of you bronze beauties out there 🙂 

I have had many cars through out my life and have driven many cars. My step dad, Greg took the family camping when I was 11 and that was when I tried driving for the first time and loved it so much.  I know I was way too young, but we were in the middle of know where and no people for miles.  That trip gave me the thirst for driving, and the love for cars and trucks. Over the years, I have had many cars like: Acura Integra’s and Acura CL’s, Acura MDX’s & BMW X5 and now I am having fun in my Land Rover LR3.  Fast cars are great, except for all of my speeding tickets, but I love being in a big truck that can go any where and go off roading. 

This video is full of fun, trucks, mud and girly girls who ride out <3


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