Sketchy Riding At Loon

Being the Boss Lady of Boston’s biggest and best taxi companies, Top Cab & City Cab,  it is awesome. I have to manage 500 taxi’s and transport 2.5 million people in and out of the best city in the world, also famous for our Red Sox and Bruins, Patriots, Celtics and known around the world now as, “BOSTON STRONG”.  Boston is the heart of New England and it’s a great city to work in and proud to be from here.   It allows me freedoms to be able to work hard and play harder.  I have managed this taxi company for over 10 years and this allows to me the time to travel to as many mountains as I have hit each year.  So I am at work when my new “” hoodies arrive, I throw it on immediately, and I am pumped to wear it with my girly girls, Ana and Julia.  So I get all my work done for the week and it’s Friday, go home and pack up for my fifth weekend straight riding.

Researching weather conditions for the weekend and it looks like Loon, will have a about 5 inches of snow hitting throughout the weekend and some cold temperatures.  So we skip the big chain hotels and found a log cabin that’s small and comes with fire places in the room.  The cabin sits on the river and as you sleep, you feel as if you are on the river too.  Sleeping to the smell of fire place logs and the sound of the river, I slept like an baby.  Can’t go wrong with Loon, except this Saturday.  We wake to 13 degrees and lot’s of wind. It’s really cold and icy, and with it being so windy, gondola is closed and now we must take the lift.  Full from Flap Jacks breakfast and warmed from there world famous “bloody Mary’s”  We go straight to the top of Loon.  It was so sketchy and icy, that I basically edged the whole way down the mountain, praying for patches of powder.  It was so cold that there were no people on the mountain, which was a good thing, considering how much I slid down that mountain.  I am done with this riding day, it is time to get off this Loony mountain.

Warm up at the cabin with about 6 logs and wait for dinner time at Common Man.  This is the best place to get a drink by a raging fire and cheese and crackers, followed by salmon to die for and the freshest salad and free white chocolate at the end of dinner.  This place makes me feel revitalized and will make me energized for my next day of riding.  I am hopeful that with the few inches of snow, that will hit us over night, that Sunday will be better.  Dreams of powder and snow.  So we wake up to another blessed day of riding, it is cold and sunny.  We get up early and get first runs in and do it big, and blast runs out.  By lunch time, its sketchy and time for us to head home to Winthrop by the sea.  It’s nice to ride and travel and still be home by 5, just enough to unpack and clean up the weeks worth of living and get ready to do it again next weekend.

Thanksgiving day, I will be home deep frying a turkey and making all home made side dishes like mac’a cheese, mashed potato balls, stuffed with cheese and bacon, squash, stuffing with cheese and garlic, three kinds of pies and plenty of wine and one shot of moonshine for good energy.  Thanksgiving weekend, my team will be together at Loon, consisting of Julia, Ana, Mcb, and Julia is going to test her new GNU board, now were all GNU girly girls.  It is going to be a lot’s of fun and our first time riding together again as a group this season… Girls just want to have fun.

GirlyGirls always wear a helmet and ride safe <3


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