Breckenridge Colorado 2014

I have to pick a winter trip to snow board every year, and this year it looks like Denver, Colorado.  Boston had a huge snowboard and ski expo, where I signed up for every contest they had, and that is where I won a “FREE” Breckenridge trip for up to 4 people, for 3 nights stay in one of the best places to stay, and right in the heart of this cool city.  We also looked at every mountain and studied all of the Colorado  mountains to see where the best place to ride in 2014.  So this year the destination will be Arapahoe Basin and a day trip to Breckenridge Colorado. Breckenridge is where all of the masses from all over the world come to ski, and Arapahoe Basin or as they say, “A Basin” is where the locals go to avoid people.   My Christmas bonus will go towards my snowboard dream trip, the count down from Christmas until Jan 21, 2014 would go by quickly.  My other team member of my girlygirlswhoride crew, is my partner in crime, Julia and she is coming on this adventure.  It will be great. Life changing, I am sure. 

Breckenridge the heart of Colorado <3 … Home of North America’s highest chairlift, this mountain is for beginner’s and intermediate and the super black diamond advanced.  The base is 9,600 ft and it will take a little getting used to the oxygen.  Colorado’s elevation means loads of snow and colder temperatures.  Breckenridge at its peak reaches 13,000 feet above sea level. You must hydrate to the extreme. I prayed for great snow on my trip, this trip won’t see snow landing but will ride on past dumping’s.  It is only a 90 minute drive from Denver International Airport.  Breckenridge is a great city where, you can hit the shops and fabulous places to dine.  It is an old mining town, and home of Buffalo Bill and the first miners.  

The mountain is for skiers and snowboarders.  This is a crowded mountain and I am constantly looking to see where the next person is.  I am very nervous to hit the mountain, and since we didn’t get a snow storm, it wasn’t the best conditions to me.  My team felt it was good, but too me, not great.  I started on the greens and ended up on blue trails for intermediate and found myself wanting to leave this mountain.  The world is here and we came on a Thursday.  The weather was perfect and great to wear a base layer and a sweatshirt hoody.  At first the size and elevation and the vertical scared the crap out of me.  Scared me almost frozen.  The mountain was beautiful, just too packed for me.  The trails are awesome.  

The town is awesome to visit, and has great shops and great places to eat. Breckenridge is the mountain for the world.

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