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I have been the Boss Lady of Boston’s best and biggest taxi cab company Top Cab & City Cab for over a decade. I have worked hard to build a taxi company with 500 cabs and transporting over a million people since 2004.  I started this taxi company with one taxi and a big dream, to be the best cab company in Boston.  I work so hard and found myself in need of something very tough like my job to do as a activity so that I can release my work stress, to create a stress free work zone for my staff and drivers.  I beat winter blues by being active all winter with riding, fire-pits, bbq’s( yes outside all winter, grab a puffy jacket& spark up your fire-pit and cook away), snow mobile riding, and one fabulous winter dream vacation, a new mountain every season.  While I am running this great company, I can answer emails from my phone, answer all my taxi drivers questions from my cell directly on a run or lift. Since my personal life is solid and active, my work life has had more happy stress free days, the staff is working as a complete unit.  I am a happier boss to all of them, this creates more productiveness with them as well.



Girly Girls Who Ride.Com was started in 2011, when I first tried snowboarding. In 2011, my snow life began officially!!! March of 2010, I won a free ski trip to Bretton Woods NH, where I decided to try skip skiing and try snowboarding.I wanted to keep track and write about what mountain I was at, my skill level from each trip to the next, what I felt about each trip.  I have encouraged a few new people to try this sport., hopefully one day I can convince my besties.  My non-ski friends found my snow trips stories to be funny, scary, happy, and proud of me, so that’s where this blog came to.

 I have learned a lot of tips and tricks to surviving this sport. Over these few years and many miles of mountain air, I would like to give tips to others to help make it easier for them to join the”girlygirlswhoride club”. I have researched many hours on the internet tips, tutorials, and I encourage others to do the same. 

It was such a hard sport to be able to stand without falling. Constantly sliding, hitting your butt, bruising my tail bone(by the way it takes six months to a year for this to heal) spraining my wrist, and then end up tearing the cartilage.. Snowboarding is the most physical and very dangerous sport if not careful. I have more bruises and trips to the hospitals, but I just keep riding.  I think it is great that I ride six months and then my body heals for the next six months.  But pain is love and love is pain.. 

Top Cab & City Cab #1


 I started this blog to showcase my journey, my love for this sport and my snow adventures from the start of this great new life of snow that I would have.  Girly girls who ride has progressed to more than just a blog to me, it’s my life within my Top Cab life.

 My mountain review page is to show pictures of mountains, where I have either conquered or have been beat up by… There is a world of true die hard riders who sacrifice their bodies and minds every weekend chasing the snow. I see the same cars at the same mountains.  I have developed a great social network of riders who help each other out with places to sleep and we tend to travel in packs and keep in touch through out the year.

With all of the snow miles that I have been on, I have been food blessed. I have been to so many places to eat.  I have found secret spots where only locals know to eat at.  I love to show photos of plates that I have ate at & spots where I have been, so that others can enjoy my experiences. I have found the best food is in these small mountain towns where the locals go. I have been lucky to have experienced great food that has made my trips more memorable. As a rider you burn so much energy, you eat all day and into night. I get happy from food, revitalized from nutrients, food has made me cry over a good glass of wine and a 5 star meal. A great bar at the end of the night to relax after dinner is awesome, then you are ready for day two.


Julia & Tiffany

My pictures will also my snowboard fashion, and how big it is getting and how I now a need 4th closet to put my gear in. Please feel free to show me your riding fashion pictures. There are more and more girly girls who are getting into riding so the fashion is getting better and better. I am into colors and mixing them up to create a look that will make snow patrol remember you in the lift lines,so need to pull out pass, I always hear, ” I do not need to see your pass, how could I forget you Rainbow Bright?”..

I will show the life style of riding, friends and people I meet with riding.I have met people riding that I now call my best friends for life. It is a true dedication if you take this to the heart like I did.  I strive to be the best at this sport I love and I have goals to reach as a rider.  I love that I have entered such a positive sport and now have made snowboarding a part of my daily life, watching videos, staying in shape during the summer by hiking to keep legs strong for the on coming season.

Please send me your photos or videos of GIRLY GIRLS WHO RIDE.  Always WEAR YOUR HELMET and protect your GIRLY GIRL face….




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