St. Patrick’s Day “Sugarloafing” 3/17/14

St. Patty’s Sugarloaf

St. Patty’s weekend 2014, started with 19″ of snow landing on the Sugarloaf Mountains, while I am working all week long.  This season has been full of great snow storms and a couple of blizzards up North.  I have managed to ride 21 weekends, and made it back from Denver, with no broken bones.  Life is good.  Everyone under the sun headed to the “Loaf” to snowboard and ski and they also had massive crowds of snow mobiles flying around all of the trails.  Last minute, my friend Ana joins us in the five hour drive to Carrabassett Valley and to this bed and breakfast at the Tranquility Inn. The inn is made from an old barn and it is restored with this beautiful wood floors and great rooms, with the best pillows and everything like the comforts of your own house.  It is a quiet, shoe free building with no tv’s or phones to distract you from it’s country charm.  The lady who runs it, is a sweet lady who keeps the inn special with her little touches of decorations, tea and coffee and hot cocoa in the mornings, before you ride out.  So we get to the “loaf” area very late, almost midnight, before bed we hit the only bar open for miles called “The Plaza” where the locals relax and get their entertainment for the night.  The town turns quiet around 10pm.  

One of my favorite places to wake up to is in the Sugarloaf  Mountain area.  The air so fresh and the sky being so blue and the sun shines on your face, like it is God smiling on you.  When I am in the mountains, this is the time that I actually feel stress free, free of my crazy Top Cab & City cab life, free from family issues of a teenage son, phone free from my ear, I can actually breathe, no crazy thoughts just a nice meditation in my soul.  Saturday morning turns out to be warm sweatshirt riding weather, with pure sun and no wind, a great epic riding day.  We start as always with a hearty breakfast from 45 North where your omelette is made to order and a nice spicy “Bloody Mary” and I eat two plates of carbohydrates for an army and off to ride it out.  We are able to go straight to the top and ride with powder every where, so much powder. We tried to get first runs, but with the monster ride from the night before, it’s about 10am.  My friend Ana, found the powder conditions to be amazing, she rode her snowboard like a champion.  We all had this happy look on our faces.  I am amazed how far she has come on a snowboard.  Sugarloaf has these trails that are so wide and perfect that I am truly at peace.  I am at a point in life, where you have to do what you love or you will end up sad.  I have been a provider to many, a superwoman with so much strength to help and maintain the biggest taxi companies in Beantown, but riding is what has made me the happiest.  I found my inner peace, in snowboarding. is now my motto of my life.

 We decide to skip lunch and wait to have dinner at this little place to have Italian food called “Hugs”. This is one of the cutest and smallest places to eat, so make a reservation or get there 15 minutes before they set out there “specials list” and since we did not have a reservation, we arrived early and started with a great bottle of wine, which turned out to be two bottles for me, Ana, and Pat.  The specials are amazing and we ate like kings, chicken parmesan, caesar salad, and a great tiramisu dessert.  We finish dinner about 6ish, and head over to The Plaza again, and we have a great night of lot’s of drinking(too much drinking), and “fireball” shots of whiskey- we will pay for this Sunday morning, and we all did.  We almost shut the place down, last memory that I have is the “fireball shots” and the rest is a blur.  They say we all had a blast, we partied like we were 20 and that has been many years since we were for all of us.  So Sunday headaches and hangovers, and riding too, my Irish green colors on.   We look like zombie’s with no colors to our faces, drained of energy and drained of life.  We usually eat first and we skip that to get one quick run in, big mistake.  We do end up meeting two of our riding buddies, Justin and Amy, we ride one run and we go our separate ways to eat.  The temperature is cold, freezing  and windy with gusts up to 35 mph, in the negatives.  We do a few runs and we are ready to get home and do this 5 hour trek back to Boston.  I have been out for over 21 weekends, so it’s no biggie to leave early.  

Always girly girls, wear your helmets to protect your pretty faces <3

Irish Girly Girl
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