Last Sugarloaf Riding 3/30/14

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So this is my last Sugarloaf weekend this 2013-2014 season… I am sad this season is ending, but a little glad, that I will not be driving 4+ hours to Maine.  This season was full of fresh powder, Denver, and my first time on a box.  The season started early October and is finally over until next season.  I have grown as a rider this season and had a great final weekend at the “loaf”.  We found the cheapest hotel about half hour away, because the loaf was booked up..


Julia MVP joined me& Pat on our last adventure in Carrabassett Valley Maine.  So we probably shouldn’t have partied a little too hard Friday night- Pat was very hungover this trip, and had to sleep in an extra couple hours, while me& Julia packed up the Patriot Jeep and chowed down a quick egg burrito from me and a good luck shot of “moonshine” for this long journey to the clouds of heaven in Maine.  I just got my hair done with my “birthday pink” high lights from the best hairdresser in Mass- Miss Mandy.. 

Pink Hair Don’t Care



So I color coordinate my pink hair with my snowboard fashion of hot pink Volvolm pants and matching blue & pink Volcolm hoody, cute and bright as a sunset.  We leave Boston at 6am and it looks like it will be in the late 50’s, until we reach up North, which is perfect at 37 degrees and no jacket riding.  We have a perfect day to travel through three states, to get to one of the best mountains in the good old United States of America.  We get to the loaf and it is a perfectly sunny day & not too windy at all..  


We ride hard all day & get as many runs in as we can, before the mountain closes.  After a great day of riding, we hit up HUGS Italian and have the best local wine and great food and talk about how great the day was for all of us.  I ate enough, for three people and then were off to hotel, where we undress and jump into the outside jacuzzi to soak my hurting bones from the 3.5 mile long trails.  Me and Julia even did “black diamond” trail and fell a bunch of times, but so much snow- no injuries, just lot’s of laughs and lot’s of snow everywhere.  As we jacuzzi it up, couple snow mobile riders come say & tell us about there adventures and then it’s off to bed by 9pm.. No night life…

Sunday, we wake up to pure clouds and drippy rain and doom and gloom.  We pack up and get ready to drive back to the loaf for Sunday riding.  The loaf weather should be a little better.  With it being, so gloomy out, I pick my brightest neon/day glow yellow outfit to make me bright and happy.  

We get to the loaf and it doesn’t look like a great day, but we ride it out and grab our last lunch at Gepetto’s where we had the sweetest waitress Lyndsey serve us fresh haddock and fries and a strong “white russian” and then were off to get the last runs in and end this season.  After a full day and dead bodies, we leave early and get ready for the long drive back to Beantown.  It’s nice to be able to have such a long season and feel very blessed to be able to financially afford these expensive trips.  I used my Boyne rewards card, every time I bought something at the mountains and I ended up with enough points to get $150 Sugarloaf card to pay for my food and drinks for the last weekend at the loaf, so I kept my cost’s down and split gas & hotel’s cost between three people.  

So now it’s time to put all of my winter stuff away and get ready for spring/summer activities to keep me active until the next season.  This is the time to find all of your deals for equipment and fashion gear while it is out of season..BE SAFE & stay tuned to the next blog..

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