Easter Bunnies Snowboard 4/20/14




I am happy to blog about snowboarding, one more time this season on Easter Sunday 4/20/14.  I thought my riding season ended back in March, but we have been blessed with great weather, cold temperatures and lot’s of snow up North, so one more riding day.  It was very unexpected, waking up way too early Easter Sunday, about 7 am, which is too early for this day.  Sitting in bed and thinking, “why am I up now??” and my answer came very fast to me, “snowboard at Loon”


I jump up and start to get my gear ready for a quick zip trip to Loon Mountain, with the best supporter to me Pat.   We fly out of house to get early runs and I grab my bunny ears for the day.  The sun in Boston was shining and looked to be a great day to take a walk or even better day to ride out!!!! Always love the fact that living in New England is great, because there are so many things to do here and your always a quick drive away to some of the best snowboarding in New England.   

Easter Bunnies Gone Wild

We have a smooth drive and arrive 2 hours later, to a small crowd, about 40 degrees and sun, snow and some melting action going on. Grab a quick bagel with cheese and wolf it down.  Off to Loon.   Jump in the gondola and head straight to the top.. I spot a few snow bunnies on the mountain and next year, I want to have a bunny suit too.  The mountain is a little slushy but still great and I got a nice face mountain tan and it was nice to be able to wear only a Under Armour base layer and my pink Betty Rides pants and my bunny ears.  I get noticed by a few people and they love the bunny theme, that I have going on and I love to make people smile.  I also end up riding with the bunnies and sharing reviews of our equipment and taking some fun Easter bunny riding photos and being “girly girls who ride” Love to meet people who love to ride, just as much as I do.  Shared some of my “GirlyGirlsWhoRide.Com” stickers and they put them on their snowboards too.. I love the love..

The trails were ready to end this season too.  After a few runs, we get tired of dodging some of the patches of grass that have been hit by sun, we have a quick last day “rum punch” at the bar and say our goodbye’s to the bar staff until next season. We decide to head back to Boston and get our Easter dinner barbecue eating on.  I take a quick cat nap, and awake to my street, love that.  We sit out in the sunny back yard and chef up dinner.  

So now I am officially done with my snowboard until next year,  I will need the next six months to relax.. I will be posting some new stuff on my blog through out the summer and add some tutorial videos to help with your riding..I will look for a new pair of bindings and wax up my Gnu for next season.. Please help keep this movement of “GirlyGirlsWhoride” by hash tagging your snowboarding pictures with #girlygirlswhoride on your Facebook and Twitter accounts.. And always wear your helmets and protect your pretty girly girls faces..

Until 2014/2015 season……..

SNOW BUNNY 4/20/14


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