My Life Vs Your Vacation Mom’s Day 2014





I thought my season had ended in April, but thanks to Mother Nature, I get one last weekend at Jay Peak Vermont. Vermont had the best snow to the very end, May 10th weekend.  So I see on my  facebook page, that Jay Peak has last weekend riding until season 2014-2015.  I had just put my snowboarding gear away, and I packed it back up, for one last weekend, one last hit of my snowboarding addiction for my snow cravings.  Call up the best and cheapest place to stay in Jay, the  famous “Grampa Grunt’s.” Since it is off season, I can finally get a spot.


We drive up after work Friday, from Boston and it’s 70 degrees of sun and spring, and journey 4 hours to hotel.  Tomorrow, I will wake up in Jay and get it in….

Saturday starts off perfectly with nice temperatures and sun, it looks like it will be t-shirt time, and I pick my favorite My Life Vs Your Vacation t-shirt. These t-shirts are soft as cotton shirt on and get ready for fun, sun and riding at one of the best mountains in New England.  People always stop and ask me, “what is my life vs your vacation ?” And I answer them with it is exactly what it reads, my life is awesome every day, I am blessed and have worked hard to be able to have fun every day.  My life vs your vacation( is a movement and I am glad to be a part of it.. And after they look confused and I say my every day life is better then any vacation that you can go on.  


 Special thanks, again to my co-captain Pat for being a super trooper, by driving the whole season . We get to Jay Peak where there were about 25 die hard, true snow soldiers celebrating that they are snowboarding in the middle of May.  Only a few trails are left open, and you can see a few grass patches, but your riding at Jay Peak- so it awesome, no matter what.  We go to the scary, fast, steep, black diamond trail, known as the Jet. It is nice to feel the sun on your face and arms, as you breeze down the mountain.  I end up getting a little snow sunburn and my face get’s some great color.  With my music blasting on speaker phone (I do not encourage head phone usage while riding, because you can’t hear what is coming or around ya) I let the music take me away.  We end up riding half the day and going to eat at Jay Village Inn and eat the best chicken marsala ever and great fruity martini’s and settle down for the Sunday’s adventures. 



I enjoy the free feeling, leaving all Top Cab & City Cab work behind.  I am so happy and so sad at the same time, knowing that I have to wait another 6 more months before I get to ride again.  In another life, I should have born as a daughter of snowboarder, instead I am second generation cab kid.. The great thing is that my taxi cab life allows me to ride and run the best cab company at the same time, I answer calls and emails from the trails and lifts.  I have two loves, my work and my riding.  I balance them both and love them equally.  

Sunday we wake up to rain and cloudy crappy conditions, so we decide to skip last day of Jay Peak, and instead we hit up the water park, known as Pump House ( it is a indoor water park and it’s amazing.  It was Mother’s day and the mountain had a great breakfast and handed out flowers to all of the women.  It was a beautiful meal and then we had a shot of “moonshine” and we decide to hit up the water park.


I am overwhelmed by the size of it all, and Pat decides to go straight to the Red line that reaches up to the sky, I walk behind not really paying attention to how many stairs we keep going up, passing blue, green rides, red line has no one in it.  When you come into the park, they make you sign a waiver form, now I know why… So we get to the top of the La Chute as they call it, in French it means that you will scream your face off (or The Drop, whatever), La Chute stands an impressive 65′ in the air.  I realize at the top of this ride, that I am scared to death and I feel anxiety kicking in, but Pat goes in the tube/chamber of water death.  And away he goes…. My turn, I am not sure if I can do this at all, the staff who is in charge of this massive tube ride says that she is a tester of this ride every morning and it is her morning coffee.. This scares me even more, so I put my Tonka tuff attitude and go into the tube, where she explains that I must cross my arms and legs and then wait for the floor to drop from under me and wait for the countdown 3-2-1 . I am ready to feel the drop and I go about 45 miles per hour, a full 360 degree rotation and roughly 6 seconds of the scariest feeling ever and then I arrive at the bottom.  Forever changed and it took me about 30 minutes and a shot of Patron and a White Russian from the adults bar upstairs, to settle my heart.  This ride is EPIC!!!!!! After that we do lazy river and I started feeling normal, until Pat says, “let’s La Chute again!!!”  As a walk up again, I realize there is a warning on this ride, that says that if you do not make the 360 degree turn, relax and go out the emergency exit, glad I missed that the first time.. I have to tell every one this is a “bucket list ride.”

La Chute


LaChute @Jay Peak Vt








I end season 2013-2014 on a happy note, now I wait until season 2014-2015 to start.  I will hike many of the mountains that I ride on all winter, and hike them this spring and summer.  Until next season, my GirlyGirlsWhoRide.. And always wear your helmets and be safe… 


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