Snow Bunny Fashion Diva

My snow bunny fashion, diva style came to me, as a teenager.  It all started as a California girly girl, when my school had a ski club and were planning a ski field trip.   I had never seen snow before this, and really wanted to go.  All of my school friends were experts and had lot’s of ski trips under their wings.  I financially couldn’t afford a ski outfit so my friend let me borrow her ski outfit, and goggles.  I loved the fashion style of the sport. I remember the outfit, that was colorful and bright and it made me love the sport even more.  Once I was able to touch the snow, immediately I fell in love with it.  It wasn’t until about 15 years until I was able to ski again, I jumped in it hard.

I started with basic pair of snow pants and a neutral jacket that I could mix with anything and a pair of basic goggles and by the end of the season the “snow bunny fashion bug” took over.  I would buy piece by piece,  snow gear at discount prices and started to build my collection. I am obsessed with the colors, prints, patterns of snow gear.  I have tried on many boots and found that Burton knows boots.  I recommend going to your local mountain store and trying on a few different styles to see what feels good and then hunt for it on the internet.  

There are so many items needed when snowboarding to keep you comfy, cozy, and warm.  You should always make sure you dress accordingly to the conditions that day.  Invest in items that you fit properly, if it is uncomfortable right when you try it on, don’t buy it. I have a list of clothing supplies needed to get you started in the right direction. Make sure to buy waterproof spray for your snow boots. 

Boss Lady












Snow bunny fashion diva list:

  • thermal or Under Armour base layers (
  • wool socks
  • ski/snow pants
  • sweatshirt
  • jacket 
  • hat
  • neck warmer
  • gloves ( & extra pair 
  • goggles 
  • chapstick
  • sunblock 
  • lock for equipment 
  • HELMET- that FITS
  • Red padded pants to protect your butt and knee


Girls just want to have fun

Every snowboarding adventure that I go on, first thing is to figure out my fashion for the trip, what will be my color them each day? I started to shop and build my snowboarding gear collection.  I am thankful for the internet, to be able to see and compare prices and find the perfect gear for my “winter wardrobe”.  The key to my snow bunny fashion, is to get bright and mixable items.  I usually pick three colors to my outfits.  Research prices before buying.  I enjoy watching other people’s responses to my snowboard fashion style.  It takes a lot of planning for a snow trip, and making sure that I am comfy and stylish all at the same time is required.  My boyfriend and family and friends think I have gone “crazy with my snow gear obsession” and I just ignore all of them.  I sneak and order items and ship them to my job Top Cab& City Cab ( that I can shop in secret, without the questions?? “why are you buying  sooooooo much gear, don’t you have enough of bla. bla.” . No I can never have enough of fun colored snow fashion clothing.  I love to be bright and feel happy in happy color clothing.  The brighter, the better.Through out my snow fashion journey,  I have found a few sites that have helped me.  I have listed my top 10 favorite sites in no particular order.  Through  out my snow fashion journey, I have found a few sites that have helped me.  



This Girl Is On Fire

I have listed my top 10 favorite sites:






#6 volcom









You can find may discount offers on the internet, so check it out and compare prices.  If your like me, I get some of my special items from the stores on the slopes.  The mountain stores in New England have a Boyne Rewards Card (  to shop and earn points that can be used to get free stuff.  By the end of the season last season, I had enough points to eat two breakfast of champions with  Grey Goose Bloody Mary and including tips, two lunches including White Russian.  That is pretty sweet, plus I found some one of kind items that are my tops in my collection.  As the season ended, this is when I am finding the best mountain store deals.  I have been such a regular in the stores and am always so friendly, that sometimes they will throw in an extra discount to save me more money.



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