Goofy Or Regular Rider Tutorial Video


  GOOFY vs REGULAR– the big debate in snowboard world.  Goofy is the right foot leading.  Regular is the left foot leading.  This is the first thing a new snowboarder must work out whether they are goofy or regular. About 30% are Goofy and 70% are REGULAR.  Why goofy? The name is used surfing, skateboarding& boarding. With lots of practice it’s possible to ride both goofy and regular with equal strength.  Travis Rice rides goofy and Shawn White rides regular.  You could have a friend come up behind you and shove you really hard.  Have him/her pay close attention to which foot you put out first.  If you stick your left foot first you are Regular and if you stick your right foot out first then you are goofy.  If you skateboard or surf, chances are you will lead with the same foot.



I hope this video helps you figure out what style of rider you are.  Always ride safe and please wear your helmet.  Share this on your Facebook page & #girlygirlswhoride in your riding out videos. 

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