How To Butter On A Snowboard Tutorial Video

Buttering is the next step after you master falling, getting up, getting off of a lift, and turning. Snowboarders have a special lingo that they use on the slopes, and they use the word “butter”.  Butter means, when you lean on your nose of your snowboard and swing the tail of your board in front.  The butter is just one of the many flat board tricks that you can try and it looks awesome, when done correctly.  If you are doing a “butter” in fresh powder, then you will love it even more.  Here are 5 Steps to tail butter on a snowboard:

  1. Make sure you are riding on a fairly flat land.
  2. Start riding straight and flat (not on one of your edges).
  3. Lean back slighting to get the tip of your board in the air.
  4. Make sure you keep your center balance.
  5. When you want to turn put weight on your front foot to go back down and proceed with your turn.
Here is a “Butter” tutorial video, to help make you a better rider.

Always wear your helmet and ride safe, please use the #girlygirlswhoride in your photos 

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