How To Fall Safely On A Snowboard Tutorial Video

Safety First

I have been snowboarding now, for almost 4 years and have had many falls, torn wrist cartilage, lost my breath and many bruises.  When I began snowboarding, I skipped the lessons and plunged in.  After my first wrist sprain and then the  following week tore the cartilage, not knowing how to fall properly, I researched snowboarding videos. YouTube ( many tutorial videos to help you learn this sport and master your craft.  

In this tutorial, you will learn how to fall safely on a snowboard.  You will want to make sure you are in a position that makes it safe for you to fall either backwards or forwards. When falling forward land on knees first then forearms- keep your wrists tucked in and do NOT put wrist out to stop your fall, or you will end up like me.  When falling backwards, flex your knees and fall on your butt.  Keep your chin to your knees to avoid injury to your head.  Also, make sure you have the correct gear to wear while you are out snowboarding.  Another good tip is not to go on courses that are too advanced for your skill level, take it easy and master a course before you go steeper.  


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