Girly Girls Who Ride Surf Boards in Stilettos

So I am surfing through the internet, (literally speaking) in search of some great summer videos for my blog.  I find this great video of Russian girly girls who ride surf boards in stilettos.  Yes, yes boys and girls, I said “GirlyGirlsWhoRide Surf boards in stilettos.”  How is this possible? I am very much a “tomboy” who loves to still look like a “girly girl,” and I could barely walk in a pair of stilettos, none the less surf in this type of shoe.  This is why I love this sports blog, because there are so many different GirlyGirlsWhoRide and love what they do.  These girls work hard and train hard and go through many physical injuries and pain to make these 2 minute YouTube videos.  

So check out the baddest girly girls surfers, on surf boards in a pair of stilettos and looking pretty 

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