Summer Tune Up Your Snowboard/Skis

Girly Girls Summer Tune Up

Summer Tune Up for your board/skis?  Yes, yes, oh yes. You beat the wax out of your board/skis all winter long.  If you ride like me 26 weeks a season, your board needs some summer loving & My GNU snowboard is my heart, soul, world, inner peace, strength and my everything. So while my board takes a vacation, I like to treat it right. This is the time to give it a summer tune up.  Bring your board/skis to your local ski store and get any repairs needed, grind your base, sharpen your edges and apply a summer wax.  Summer wax is melted wax & it completely coats the base/edges.  It will protect against drying out, corrosion and dirt.  Before first runs in the winter, bring your board/skis to your shop & remove wax.   Keeping the edges rust free and preventing the base from drying out will help keep your equipment nice.  Make sure you get your edges sharpened before first runs. 



Protect your equipment on and off season, because your equipment protects you all season long.



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