How To Store Your Snowboard/Skis



One of the most common questions after snowboard season is: how to properly care for and store snow equipment in the off-season.  This is an important topic as it has an impact on the condition of your equipment before your fall tune up, as well as the longevity of your stuff.  Keep your skis/snowboard in a cool dry place, I keep my boards in my dining room/now turned into my sports/activities room.  Keep your stuff out of the basement, you want it to be in a moisture regulated room.  Avoid keeping your gear in an attic, garage, shed, basement.  These types of locations won’t protect your gear from rust and other issues.  If a storage location is too hot, it can ruin your board/skis by heating up the glue that binds all the layers of the gear together. I bought and paid for my gear, and I clean it, get my board professionally checked every season and keep it safe.  Be sure to dry and clean off snow and dirt off your board/skis after every girlygirl adventure. If you want a GirlyGirlsWhoRide sticker- message me on Facebook

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