Best Places To RIDE Your Bike In New England 2014

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It is summer time and you still need to keep your legs strong, before the winter riding season begins.  You must keep active all summer, and one of the best ways is to ride a bicycle.  I went to Walmart and found a great Roadmaster bike on sale for about  $79, and it is a 24″ mountain bike.  It is pretty and tough, just like girlygirlswhoride. I bought a bike helmet for $24 ( and made sure it fit correctly and made sure it covers my forehead completely, and then off I ride into the sunset.  I also bought a seat cushion, to help with comfort on these long bike ride journeys.  I found a great app for my Droid phone, under MapMyRide, it has a bicycle mileage counter, and an option to have your friends follow your trip& make sure you are safe.  It is pretty good app. if you are riding alone.  I live in Winthrop is right on the water, they call it, “The City By The Sea” and it sure is.  It is one of the prettiest and bike friendly cities near Boston.  Since it is runs along the water, there are a few places to stop your bike and enjoy a great dinner, such as Winthrop Arms ( and have the freshest haddock dinner and the best white chocolate martini- one and done.

The Best Places To Ride Your Bike In New England 2014:

  1.  Minuteman Bikeway, escape the suburbs ithout going far, head to the Minuteman Bikeway, running from Arlington to Bedford. The roadway is smooth& pretty straight-FREE
  2.  City Square Park, across the water& along the Harbor. Great place to ride in Boston.  The park is  quiet haven near Charlestown’s historic Market Square. Ride through Charlestown Navy Yard and hop on the Inner Harbor Ferry Pier-4 and bikes are allowed-Cost $1.70 for Inner Harbor Ferry.
  3. Whitney & Thayer Woods, for hiking or biking.  An hour from Boston and has its own hidden gem:Turkey Hill. Its 187-foot summit has spectacular views of Cohasset Harbor and the South Shore-FREE
  4. Newport is great for a leisure ride along the ocean.  Located 90 minutes southwest of Boston, travel through quiet countryside lanes-FREE
  5. Duxbury Beach is one of the nicest beaches around Boston, you can ride the short biking loop without the beach sticker-FREE
  6. Willowdale Forest is nice if you are an avid biker, head an hour northeast of Boston to Willowdale State Forest-FREE
  7. Great Island is an escape from the big city, enjoy 26 miles and you won’t see much traffic- however you’ll pass through horse country& should expect to see horseback riders along the bike ride-FREE
  8. Cape Cod will pass through the Rail Trail that spans the length of Cape Cod, to the long beaches of the Nationa Seashore. There is a rental shop available, if you don’t on your own bike-FREE
  9. Cape Ann, where you start and finish your ride in Gloucester, which was made famous by the movie “The Perfect Storm.”  The trail allows you to pass the rocky shores of Mass-FREE
  10. Plum Island has some of the best nature to offer via bike when you ride this 6-mile barrier beach-$5 by car,$2 walk-in or bike in


Before you do any riding, make sure you buy a bike helmet that fits properly.  Make sure to protect your girlygirl face.  The rule is simple: If you ride a bike, you need a helmet.  WHY??? Well, try this on for size: According to the Bicycle Helmet Safety Institute, wearing a proper fitting, Consumer Product Safety Institute Commission (CPSC) certified helmet could prevent 85% of cyclist’s head injuries.  

If the label says “bicycle helmet,” it needs to meet the standards of CSPC.  Other standards exist called Snell’s B-95 and these standards are tougher than CSPC standard.  If your buying a bike helmet, low-cost helmet meets the same safety standards as a pricey, high-end helmet.  MAKE SURE CSPC sticker is inside of the helmet.  

Most bike helmet’s are made of expanded polystyrene foam-found in picnic coolers, covered with a tough-thin plastic shell.  On impact, foam gets crushed instead of your girlygirl head.  Molded helmets are lighter, have more vents, and look cuter on(just because your on a bike, doesn’t mean, that you can’t be cute too).  Use a tape measure to size your head & use that to fit your helmet properly. 


Bicycle riding is fun, healthy, and a great way to keep active during the warm months.  Always be safe, when riding a bicycle. Before using your bicycle, make sure it is ready to ride.  You should always inspect your bike to make sure all parts are secure and working properly.  Adjust your bicycle to fit you, make sure your tires are inflated properly& test your brakes.  Make sure to be seen by others.  Wear neon, fluorescent, or bright colored clothes when riding day or night. Use flashing lights, reflective tape, or wear something that reflects lights. Watch out for road hazards, potholes, glass etc.. Obey all traffic flow, ride on the right in same direction as other cars.  STAY ALERT!!!!

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