Best Places To Camp In New England

So it’s too hot in Boston?  Jump in your car and ride up North, where it is much cooler and enjoy the nature. Camping in the summer, has been my release from technology and my cell phone.  I enjoy riding up North in the summer time and seeing nature out and about. I spend majority of my life on highways.  I am either on my way to ride or hike, bike, or  just sit by a camp fire&  barbecue in the woods. Life on the highway.  I started this camping weekend off right, by having a fabulous lunch at Skip Jacks with Salmon and Strawberry Mojito’s and then packed up, waited for the traffic to die down.  Next stop, Maine.  Since this campground is only 90 minutes from Boston, it is a sweet drive and the ride home will fly by.   I love the location of this campground, you can hit the beaches, browse the outlets, discover sea kayaking and visit Nubble Light- which is a very pretty light house, or relax pool side and enjoy the peacefulness of the Maine woods.  This campground is situated on 26 acres in Cape Neddick, Maine.  Campsites are located among four wooded and open areas, each with it’s own restroom and shower facility.  Large heated in ground pool and a small playground for young kids ( to get there energy out& follow that with s’mores and you and your family will love it.  This is a great place to camp with your friends. If you are a rookie camper, I will help guide you.  I have been camping since I was a little girl in the mountains of California, and now over a decade in the New England area.  I have been taught my campground cooking skills from my step-dad Greg, and my side dishes from my fabulous mom, Susan.  A secret to start of a great weekend is to make your side dishes at home the day you are leaving, such as my mom’s famous “potato salad”, which I now can make almost as good as hers. I like to make my pasta salad, with feta cheese, Italian dressing, cherry tomatoes, scallions, and lots of love.  Buy tin foil baking trays and use to cook your morning eggs, keep yogurts in the cooler for a nice fruity treat in the, morning.  You could also cut all of your vegetables, onions and bag them up, so you just throw them in the meals.  As a rookie camper, I would forget many small items, that we take for granted, until your in submerged in the woods.  Over the years, I have gathered my total camping trip tote, so I can grab it & go.. All of my essential items are in it.  I now have two totes and grab my two coolers, one for drinking ICE only and the second to keep meat & side dishes cool. I buy the meat at the local  grocery store up North, right before we enter the camp ground, because it is usually local grown and delicious.  If you are far enough up North, stop by your local stands and get the local, organically grown vegetables.  Support the locals .  I see some girly girls who bring blow dryers, hair straighteners and curling irons, PLEASE leave your hair alone for a few day and rough it. Camping is supposed to be relaxing and as natural as possible, do not be afraid of a little dirt.  Grab lots of fire wood and fire it up,  Try and go with a group of your girly girlfriends and guys & have fun.  


  • tent 
  • sleeping bags/ blankets
  • air mattress (highly recommend& don’t forget air pump)
  • pillows
  • folding chairs
  • flashlights
  • lanterns
  • s’mores sticks for the fire pit
  • bikes, fishing gear, boat/kayak
  • Swim suits, sleep wear, socks, clothes, rain jacket, boots if you hike, shoes, water shoes, flip-flops
  • charcoal, lighter, fire wood, grill rack(just in case fire pit doesn’t have) 
  • pot holder, can opener, utensils, knife, spatula, frying pan, pots, dishes, plastic cups, trash bags, foil
  • WATER by the gallons
  • Cooler for food, and cooler for ice for drinking only
  • Food, including eggs, bread, meat, canned food, coffee, season salts, sweet s’mores, chocolate, marshmallows, chips, side dishes 
  • toilet paper, paper towels, chap stick, insect repellent, hand sanitizer, cosmetics, brush, shower bag
  • camera, binoculars, maps, star chart, music, pet food, two-way radios
  • playing cards

IF OVER 21- Liquor and cups & a good attitude 🙂      

Camping is a great way to escape the busy city living, and enjoy nature’s gifts, such as clean air, stars at night and quiet..

Best Places to Camp in New England:

  • Blackwoods & Seawall Campgrounds, Acadia National Park Maine 877-444-6777
  • Hermit Island Campground, Phippsburg, Maine 207-443-2101
  • Lafayette Campground, Franconia Notch State Park 877-647-2757
  • Button Bay State Park, Addison Vermont 888-409-7579
  • Boston Harbor Islands 
  • Nickerson State Park, Brewster 877-422-6762
  • Mount Greylock State Reservation, Adams 877-422-6762
  • Charlestown Breachway, Rhode Island 877-742-2675
  • Lake Waramaug State Park, New Preston, Conn. 877-668-2267

 Camping is a great way to escape the busy city living, and enjoy nature’s gifts, such as clean air, stars at night and quiet..So plan your next camping trip soon.  Please keep your camp ground clean, after you leave, so the next camper can enjoy it.  And remember, “what happens camping, stays camping”.




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