Girls can ride, better than guys. Sex, sports and ADHD

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Lets watch some girly girls fire some manly guns. after we watch Kate Upton

April 7th

Girls with high caliber weaponry = FAIL


April 6th, 2015 UPDATE

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check out people playing dizzy bat


Girls Fail Video Be careful out there ladies, watch these videos of girls failing.  They tried, they failed.  gotta give these ladies credit, i mean come on, im the guy that runs the front page of this website and i cant fucking do half the shit these bitches do.  But… before we show you the failing videos below check out a girl NOT FAILING doing a huge backflip with a pair of skis and a Go Pro cam.

Jan 8 2015

Now we can sit back, grab a popcorn a watch these crazy bitches…. FAIL

Here is one more girls fail video January 7 2015

And no, we don’t proofread our posts suckers!





For you lonely guys causing all of the web traffic, girls snowboarding in Bikinis

Girly Skater Girl, Rides It Out

At the age of 16, she is skating like the pro Tony Hawk, and she is still in high school


OK We havent forgotten about you guys who love Girly Girls Who Ride Surf Boards in Stilettos


I can not even walk in a pair of stiletto’s and these girly girls are surfing in these shoes, now that is hard core fashion Burton Girly Girls Riding

Here ya go guys – Bikini Girly Girls Snowboarding

This video proves that snowboarding is better, when hot girls are riding out in bikini’s 

Get some exercise leave the right forearm alone.


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